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Antique Boxes
at the
Sign of the Hygra
2 Middleton Road
London E8 4BL
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7254 7074
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ABOUT HYGRA Antique boxes

We started to create the website back in 1998 originally at The site quickly became very popular as an information source for Antique Boxes and Tea Caddies. In1999 we started to develop the site at In spring 2003 Schiffer Books published our book Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies, and Society, 1700--1880 
Antigone Clarke & Joseph O'Kelly,
ISBN: 0764316885. 


We maintain the website as an ever growing virtual museum of antique boxes and tea caddies. The boxes and caddies shown are not necessarily in our current inventory. We try to search out the special boxes which have survived history with their integrity. 

Not everything in our inventory has been photographed let alone webbed. Its a never-ending task!

If you would like further information on what currently is  available please email us telling us your wants in as much detail as possible. It's important to tell us if you can receive pictures by email.  

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Tea Caddy Gallery with animation update: Thumbnail Gallery of Tea Caddies

Tea Caddy Gallery 

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Sewing Box Gallery with animation update: Thumbnail Gallery of Sewing boxes

Sewing Box Gallery    

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Writing Box Gallery with animation update: Thumbnail Gallery of Writing boxes and slopes

Writing Box Gallery 

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Jewelry Box Gallery with Animation update: Thumbnail Gallery of Jewelry boxes and Dressing boxes

Jewelry and Dressing box animated gallery

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Please phone or email first as time is flexible and unpredictable.


To get the best service phone or e-mail. That way I can give an in hand description of the item/items in which you are interested. You will know in an instant whether the item that you want is still available. If it is I'll hold it for a few weeks for your payment to arrive. That means the item is yours- It’s not available to anyone else at any price!


I can accept payments by bank check or credit transfer. I can also accept personal checks but these have to be cleared before shipment. I can also take, indeed welcome, American Express.

 I welcome American Express cards.


We welcome 
American Express'
are participating  in

We also accept payment by PayPal

and other Credit/Debit cards.

We ship worldwide with FedEx and other couriers.

We do not charge for packing and insure the transit on our Lloyds  Antique Dealers policy.

See:  Buying  

You can come and see the boxes in person. I open flexibly. However, I am not always here so a quick phone call is a good idea. Our phone number is 44 (0)20 7254 7074.  If you would like directions, please let me know. There is a map at 



I now also accept payments, including credit card payments, through PayPal. If you would like to pay in this way please email me. You can sign up with PayPal by clicking on the link below:

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!  


For small shipments I use FedEx. This enables the package to be tracked on the Internet. I insure it separately (1% of value) I do the packing and export documentation free on shipments worth more than £500.

On dispatch I e-mail with the tracking information. All shipping and insurance costs are the customer's responsibility. I sometimes find it convenient to let these (shipping) charges go forward COD (if the customer has a FedEx account).

It’s difficult to be precise about cost, but 6 kg costs about £60 to send to the US.   15 Kg comes to about £90. The more I send at one time the cheaper it is.

International Shippers, which have minimum charges, are not economical unless you are buying  a lot or consolidating with other purchases.  


I want you and other customers to be happy with your purchases, and recommend me to your friends. (This is unusual for dealers who tend to keep us secret) To get over the problem of customers not being able to handle objects before sale. (This is difficult if your are not near London.), I allow an unconditional 62-hour trial period after receipt. If you are not satisfied with your purchase- for any reason- you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Please e-mail me within 62 hours of receiving the shipment to arrange its return.
I'll make a full refund (excluding shipping  banking and insurance charges only) after my receipt of the object in the same condition as shipped. 


We provide full information on boxes we deal in. However, we regret that we cannot enter into correspondence on any box we did not sell. The information we have published on the web is for guidance only and is given to the best of our knowledge. We receive thousands of emails every year. We take these into account when planning future articles. Unfortunately, time does not permit us to do appraisals, or offer opinions or values of individual items or whole collections. We will not identify items not supplied by us. To do so could create a conflict of interests. We cannot buy anything on which we have advised! To avoid disappointment please do not send us unsolicited pictures or descriptions of items you may own. Our  book  has a price guide and many illustrations as well as further in depth  information.


We appreciate that many students find the articles we have published on the web useful. We thank everybody for their kind letters.  We appreciate that the boxes we have illustrated have inspired many new creations. However time does not permit us to enter into further correspondence or to send further specific information. Our  book  gives more in-depth information on boxes.

Email Antiques Boxes with orders/enquiries.

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