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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Writing Boxes
Writing Boxes




Writing Slope in Rosewood and Maple Marquetry, Circa 1840.
A slope veneered in marquetry executed with rosewood and maple. Centrally it is inlaid with a design of birds amongst trees in wood and mother of pearl. The introduction of mother of pearl into this type of work is most unusual. The work is exceptionally fine.

13.8" wide.

Circa 1840. 

pf19d35.jpg (39860 bytes)

The circular tree motif whilst formal and restrained, has the vitality of naturalistic interpretation, emphasized by the birds in flight. This is reminiscent of Middle Eastern designs which influenced 17th and 18th century European fabric and embroidery design.     

Detail showing the figure of the woods juxtaposed with the sharpness of the mother of pearl. 

The writing surface is covered by a replaced leather.

Detail of the gold embossing which was done using an original Regency tool. 

Detail showing the finely made top compartment with inkwells.

Under the flap there is a paper compartment.

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We have written a highly  illustrated book on Antique Boxes and Tea caddies  which is being  published by  Schiffer Books USA. This box has been specially photographed for inclusion. 

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