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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Chinese Export Lacquer
Sewing Box Circa 1820


Chinese Export Lacquer Sewing Box with Ivory tools Circa 1820
Sewing box in Chinese lacquer.  The black/dark brown  lacquer is decorated with  gold in two colours, depicting figures   and stylised stylised flowers. The  decoration  is boldly executed and of good quality.   The box stands on four carved wooden  feet.  The interior  contains  sewing tools.     Chinese made for export to England circa 1820.

Dimensions: 17"wide 11.50"deep 6.50" tall (on feet)  

The top of the box is decorated with an elaborate scene of figures in a landscape framed with stylised borders. The gold is rubbed in places especially on the borders.

The borders are of raised lacquer. Red shows through the worn parts.

The centre of the top showing a vignette within the larger pattern.
One side of the front showing the drawer which opens out from the bottom part.
Other side of the front.

Thereis damage on the drawer and just above as it can be seen on these last two pictures. This has been consolidated but considering the very high quality nature of the work complete restoration is impossible.

Side view.
Side view.
Back views.
Inside the box has two lidded boxes and fine sewing tools.
Details of tools.
Sewing barrels turned and carved. The thread would come out of the small hole.

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  1999 Antigone Clarke and Joseph O'Kelly