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Antique Papier Mâché Box with Scene from Robert Burns poem Tam O'Shanter Circa 1835
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Ref: 715PM-EB-hygra

Antique rectangular Papier mâché box decorated with a scene from the Robert Burns poem Tam O'Shanter. Tam is riding over the bridge of the river Doon on his mare Maggie, pursued by witches. He has just witnessed evil celebrations in the church and churchyard of Alloway. As he gallops away, one of the old hags grabs and tears off the tail of his horse. However he and his mare make it over the water to safety. A most unusual theme, rather too raw for Victorian sensitivities.
Origin: UK;  Circa: 1835
; Materials:  papier mâché .

Size: 24 cm wide by 10 cm by 6.2 cm:  9.5  inches wide by  3.9  inches by  2.4 inches.

Condition: good overall;  see images
As each person has different criteria and antiques by their very nature have wear  please enlarge the images and ask for extra information as needed. 

Keywords: papier mâché, Robert Burns, witches, painted, japanned,  Tam O'Shanter,  Victorian, 

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