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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Tea Caddies and Tea

Tea Caddies and Tea



An exceptional Regency Brazilian Rosewood Tea Caddy Inlaid with Brass C 1820.
An exceptional Brazilian Rosewood three compartment Tea Caddy finely inlaid with brass. Circa 1820.

 The shape of this caddy combines elements and influences characteristic of the  nineteenth century. It is structured in an   ancient Egyptian architectural form combining tapered  and pyramid lines which make this caddy a strong statement of the robust and elegant style of the Regency.

Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) is the most prized cabinet wood of this period. The figuring of the wood in this caddy which contrasts dark and light striations of grain is particularly striking.
This caddy measures 13 inches  wide by 7.5 inches deep by 7  inches high; 33cm wide by 19cm deep by 18cm high.

The caddy stands on turned rosewood feet. The tapering shape of the brass inlay panels adds to the strong architectural impression.
The caddy has a working lock and key. 

The strong figuring of the rosewood is clearly visible.

The caddy has turned rosewood drop handles.
The composition of the top is strong. The inlaid brass panels are set off by a further stringing of brass. 
 The caddy has clearly been looked after carefully and has survived with its original polish which shows gentle patination.

The brass also is gently patinated  without signs of pitting or corrosion. 



Unusually the  lift out canisters are hinged from the back rather than about a third in.  By this design change a larger panel of brass inlay was possible.  Much of the lead lining has been preserved.

  The central compartment has the original heavy hand blown and cut crystal mixing bowl (see below). 

The caddy stands on four turned  rosewood feet. 

The caddy is in very good original condition and has a working lock and key.
Even the rosewood  panel on the inside of the lid is inlaid.
The interior contains two lift out containers also in rosewood. The lid is lined in rosewood as are the facings and the bowl holding compartment. 

The bowl sits in a specially made recess, which is faced with mitered and book matched rosewood.

The lift out containers are of  solid rosewood  construction.

Close up of the lid of one of the canisters.  The brass inlay is extremely fine.

The interior bottom part of the caddy is lined in mahogany which is edged in rosewood.

 This bowl is the original heavy hand blown  cut crystal mixing bowl. 

The curved flutings are particularly difficult to cut.


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